The most important people in the world (well positions 11-20)

11. Elf
12. Dwelve
13. Thirsty
14. Four Teens
15. Filthy
16. Sexy
17. Servant
18. A-Team
19. Nein Tim!
20. Trendy

1. Louis Pasteur
2. Galileo Galilei
3. Aristotle
4. Euclid
5. Moses
6. Charles Darwin
7. Shth Ituang
8. Augustus Ceasar
9. Nicolaus Copernicus
10. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier


One sunny afternoon an elf called Louis Pasteur decided to take a walk. He crossed a bridge where he found Galileo Galilei Dwelving on a mathematical problem. He continued his journey, only to walk into a bar, in which the always thirsty Aristotle was already sitting. With him was Euclid and his four teens, a group of youngsters wishing to learn from him. Louis did not sit with that group, but went to the table next to Filthy Moses. Charles Darwin was blabbering about this sexy dancer he had seen the night before and his servant Shth Ituang was busy knitting some woolen gloves for him. The band that night was the A-Team, lead by the legendary Augustus Ceasar. All of a sudden a shout echoed through the bar, ”Nein Tim!”. Louis turned to the door and saw Nicolaus Copernicus shouting at Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, seemingly because he was wearing too trendy clothing. After this incident all of them ended up spending a pleasant evening amongst good friends.


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