The most important innovation in my life

One of the most important innovations for me in my life are artificial climbing holds. A climbing hold is a shaped grip that is usually attached to a climbing wall so climbers can grab or step on it. On most walls, climbing holds are arranged in paths, called routes, by specially trained route setters. Climbing holds come in a large array of sizes and shapes to provide different levels of challenge to a climber. Climbing walls and the holds allow climbers to go climbing even if the weather doesn’t allow us to go limb outdoors. Especially in Finland the indoor climbing walls are used a lot during the winter.

The innovation in climbing holds is in the new mixture that is used for making the climbing holds. In the early days wood, rock and a a resin mixture were used. Nowadays the new mixture innovation is urethane. Urethane is a great material because it is lighter, more flexible, and less prone to chipping and breakage than resin or natural materials.

Urethane has enabled climbing hold designers to create any kind of shape they want, and also ensures that the hold are very durable and that they last very long.



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