Why do we need to be creative?

Some people enjoy being creative. Take the coconut artists on Gili – Air. They work on new designs every day and enjoy when people find their work. They enjoy working on their own, and can take up to 3-7 days working on one coconut necklace. Painters can take years working on a painting, trying to transfer their thoughts onto the canvas. Writers create whole worlds in their heads and write it down for the pleasure of everyone else to read.

So what is it that drives these people? Why do they need to be creative? It’s probably not a basic need they are fulfilling, but rather a way to express their selves. These are people who make a living being creative, so the reason seems obvious why they are creative.

But what about “normal” people, the average Joe, the guy working in the Indomart next to your place? Do they need to be creative? Does everybody need to be creative?

Some people seem to be perfectly happy, not being creative. Well, at least not being creative in the common sense of the word. A construction worker can be creative if he thinks of an innovative way to use the construction material. A teacher can be creative in the way they reach their students. But one cannot assume that every person has a need to be creative. Often being creative (like starting a new hobby) can be a way to relax, or get away from your everyday life. In that sense you could say that the need to be creative is born from the need for new experiences.

Some people are more creative than others, some people do creative things more often than others and some enjoy being creative more than others. You either feel the need to be creative or you don’t. To answer the question “why do we need to be creative” there is no perfect answer. The answer is different for every person. So ask yourself, “Why do you need to be creative?”

Heres just a bonus picture. It is a picture of sand magnified x250.





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