Who is the most creative person in my opinion?

So there are many different ways of being creative, so choosing a single person who in my opinion is the most creative person is pretty hard.

I chose my favorite author Alastair Reynolds. He is a British science fiction author. He has a degree in physics and astronomy and has also worked for the European Space Research and Technology Centre.

So what makes him more creative than other authors in my opinion? Reynolds writes science fiction and specializes in space adventures. All his books are amazingly imaginative. And to be creative is to have a great imagination. He creates different worlds and settings for each of his books. It requires a lot of creativity to imagine other worlds and physics in those worlds.

Whenever I read a book from him, I am simply amazed of all the things that he has imagined. For purely fiction writers it is maybe a bit easier to imagine the settings if the events in the books happen on our planet earth. But when you create a book in the landscape of space and time, you need to be very creative. Just imagining what the world will look like in 2000 years from now requires a lot of imagination – i.e. Creativity.

But as mentioned, I only think he is the most creative person in the art of writing. I do believe there are more creative people in other areas of creativity.


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