Rovio Entertainment

One of the more unknown creative companies at the moment is Rovio Entertainment. This Finnish company best known from their mobile game Angry Birds, has been able to create new business around a single game. Originally launched for the apple platforms, the game has now expanded to also Android, PC and also Windows Phones. It’s … Continue reading

Who is the most creative person in my opinion?

So there are many different ways of being creative, so choosing a single person who in my opinion is the most creative person is pretty hard. I chose my favorite author Alastair Reynolds. He is a British science fiction author. He has a degree in physics and astronomy and has also worked for the European … Continue reading

Why do we need to be creative?

Some people enjoy being creative. Take the coconut artists on Gili – Air. They work on new designs every day and enjoy when people find their work. They enjoy working on their own, and can take up to 3-7 days working on one coconut necklace. Painters can take years working on a painting, trying to … Continue reading

Name assignment

In the first lecture we were asked to interprete our names in a creative way. Above is an ambirgam of my name which is JOONAS. As you can see, when you turn the picture around, it looks the same (almost).

Apa kabar!

Welcome to my creativity and innovation blog! My name is Joonas Kinni, I come from the great country of Finland. I am 24 yrs old and I am an exchange student in ITB. Feel free to comment my blog-posts if you like them (or if you don’t). Terima Kasih!